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Is It Cheating? Porn and Webcam Encounters

Porn And Webcam Encounters Is It Cheating - Addiction Hope “Thou shalt not commit adultery” can be a bit grayer than the Ten Commandments indicates. Many people wonder if viewing pornography or using a webcam to facilitate sexual experiences is actually cheating. Whether you think of these situations as adultery, if you have a pornography, webcam or other sexual addiction, now is the time to [...]
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The Need To Collect Them All: Explaining Pokémon Go Addiction

Pokemon Go Addiction Collect Them All - Addiction Hope Nearly everyone has heard something about Pokémon Go over the last few months, even if they don’t play it themselves. Since its recent release, this game has become something of a worldwide phenomenon, attracting millions of players in a relatively short amount of time. Though many have heard of the game, few understand the very [...]
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Look Out For These 5 Signs Of Gambling Addiction

Denial David Crosby - Signs Of Gambling Addiction - Addiction Hope Gambling as a leisure activity is perfectly healthy, but it can easily become a process addiction. The intense highs and lows of winning and losing are as addictive as the effects of a chemical substance on the brain. “Gambler’s fallacy,” or the belief that a win has to be coming because of a long string [...]
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Tracing The Roots Of Love Addiction

Roots of Love Addiction Is It Real - Addiction Hope To an outsider, love addiction may seem like a harmless problem. Love isn’t a drug you can overdose on or a substance that literally poisons your body. However, it is a force that can cause immeasurable emotional and psychological damage. Most love addictions stem from experiences and trauma early in life. Tracing the roots of [...]
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5 Ways Social Media Has Changed
The Dating Game

5 Ways Social Meda Has Changed The Dating Game - Addiction Hope Gone are the days when “blind” dates are really blind. Today, you can learn almost anything about the person you’re meeting thanks to Google search and social media. You can find out about the almost anything about the person, from their relationship history to the details of their trip to Thailand three years ago. Social [...]
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