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How to Support a College Student Addicted to Drugs

Woman In College Looking Out Her Window As She Thinks About Her Addiction To Adderrall - Addiction Hope Contributor: Megan Wilson, BS, CADC, Addictions Program Coordinator, Timberline Knolls Residential Center Once you have awareness and acceptance that your child or loved one is struggling with an addiction, you may feel helpless as to understanding how to support them. Support can be approached in different ways according to their own awareness and acceptance of their [...]
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Social Media on College Campuses and Addiction

College student addicted to social media When the University of Maryland researchers looked at students abstaining from media, students reported in the same terms as associated with drug and alcohol addictions, withdrawal symptoms, intense cravings, significant anxiety and antsy feeling. Students reported thoughts in ‘vivid detail,’ anxiety attacks, and depression [1, 2]. Students reported that they were unwilling and unable to [...]
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Treatments for Substance Use Disorders Among College Students

Remember by change in perspective Treatment for Substance Use Disorders Among College Students is available on most campuses and within the surrounding community. According to the NSDUH 2013 study, full-time college students, aged 18-22 reported that 59.4% were currently drinking and 39% reported binge drinking [3, 5]. According to a 2014 USA Today study, surveyed campus and local security directors [...]
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