In California, there are multiple Drug & Alcohol treatment facilities, and Addiction Hope is happy to provide a list of them for healing.

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Finding the right rehab program for Alcohol or drugs can be one of the most important decisions a man or woman makes in the journey to recovery. Individuals with single or multiple advanced addictions and disorders may receive the most help at treatment facilities that offer constant medical supervision and well-controlled detox plans.
You want to find a rehab facility that has treated hundreds or thousands of men and women with similar conditions which is much like seeking out a surgeon specializing in heart surgery. Dedicated treatment centers have deep experience in helping men and women overcome their addictions.

You may have difficulty entering a detox residential or inpatient program for Alcohol & Drugs in California if you or your loved ones have not attended any of the therapeutic sessions before. These extremely developed levels of assistance generally insist on a medical succession of outpatient, IOP, or PHP programming before they agree to a possible patient’s entry to their program. To gain admission into an inpatient hospital or residential treatment center will often require the assistance of a therapist or psychiatrist to help build a medical case for a potential patient. Insurance companies might propose starting in a PHP or outpatient setting as medical records are reviewed to aid in establishing whether they should compensate for these advanced levels of care.

If you are just beginning your research, the listings below are meant to be a starting point. Reviewing the list below and highlighting the Drug & Alcohol rehab centers in CA that appeal to your personal condition is a key step in determining which program is suitable for you. Treatment for addiction could mean leaving your state to get the best care. Do not be hasty in your decision to choose a rehabilitation program.

Addiction Hope has created this directory to provide you with this basic information on CA rehab centers:
– The name, address and contact details for all dependency clinics.
– The treatment levels that each program has at their facility, the highest care options of which are inpatient treatment hospitals and residential treatment centers, where the patient will stay 24 / 7 for the duration of their stay. IOP (intensive outpatient programs) and PHP (partial hospitalizations) are two additional options of care that allow the patient to sleep in their own bed or somewhere outside of the center. These treatment levels handle major addiction cases when outpatient therapy is not enough.

Addiction Hope also tries to list whether these California detox programs serve adolescent or adult populations, and if they treatment both sexes or only men or only women. We also try to describe the payment options accepted by a rehab program such as Medicaid and private insurance, any specific types of therapies that might be employed (like Interpersonal Therapy (IPT), DBT, or CBT), and finally if co-occurring disorders like mood disorders or eating disorders are treated.

The purpose of Addiction Hope is to provide a guide of accredited Drug & Alcohol treatment programs in California. Rehab facilities should provide unbiased and accurate educational information to all potential patients who seek treatment in order to help them make the best decision for their recovery.

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Drug & Alcohol Addiction Rehab Programs in CA

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