Blue Ridge-1Nestled on 40 acres of the scenic foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Georgia, Blue Ridge Mountain Recovery Center provides a calming, serene environment for those struggling with addiction and other mental disorders. We’ve helped countless adults successfully overcome their addictions to heroin, meth, opiates, prescription drugs, cocaine, and alcohol through our world-class drug rehabilitation center. Rather than simply treat the symptoms of addiction, we work hard on restoring harmony within the person by meeting all their needs – mind, body, and spirit.

Blue Ridge-2Our detoxification and residential programs allow for our clients to escape life stresses, become sober, and begin to face their unique challenges in a secluded environment. This allows them to focus upon healing their wounds and creating long lasting recovery. As family is vital to recovery from addiction or mental disorders, we work hard to include loved ones in the recovery process so they learn how best to support their loved one when the time for discharge draws near. Our multidisciplinary treatment team will ensure that each person who comes to us for help is included into every aspect of the treatment and recovery process, allowing each person to steer the path of their recovery.

Blue Ridge Mountain Recovery Center
1380 Howell Bridge Road
Ball Ground, GA 30107



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